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Transformers – Blaster (MB)

A couple of weeks ago I added the 46th MB Transformer to my collection. A total of 53 Transformers were released by MB in Europe in 1985, so that means I am now only missing 7 Transformers in order to complete my collection! This 46th addition is none other than Blaster! Blaster is one of the harder to find Transformers in MB packaging. Imagine my surprise when a good collector friend of mine located a MISB (mint-in-sealed-box) specimen in sunny Corsica of all places! Thanks, Christophe!

Transformers – Blaster (MB) 1985


Contrary to the US releases, the European MB releases are extremely hard to find still factory sealed inside their packaging. To illustrate the point, the AFA population report lists just four registered and rated MB Transformers in boxes (2 Dirges, 1 Ramjet and 1 Grimlock) and 2 carded items (Laserbeak and Scrapper). Of course there are several known non-AFA’ed MB Transformers out there that are still MISB (not counting the MOSC items), but the ones I know about can be counted on two hands.

Transformers – Blaster (MB) 1985

Needless to say I am extremely happy with this factory sealed MB Blaster! I plan on submitting it to the AFA for a rating in the near future. Not because I want to sell it for a premium, but because I want this unique piece registered, cased and preserved. Submitting items to be rated by the AFA from Europe is an extremely costly exercise, due to the shipping costs and potential customs fees involved. I still have to figure out how to get an item to the US and back without getting stuffed with customs fees twice!

“MB Collection”

I also redid all the photography of my MB Transformers collection this week in my brand new photo studio. A couple of those photos can be seen below. I’m still experimenting with what looks best, but I’m sure you’ll agree the photos look a lot nicer now with that cool 1980’s style blue gradient background. All the new photos of my MB Transformers collection can be found here. Enjoy!

Several MB Transformers from my personal collection


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2 Responses to “Transformers – Blaster (MB)”

  1. barskineken says:

    very nice! the decepticon jets look great together. as also does red foot optimus !!

  2. Arkvander says:

    I love your new picture style, very classy! And those groupings just make me green with envy, congratulations on adding another one to your collection!

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