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MB Transformers Jets

MB (Milton Bradley) released a total of four jets in 1985 as part of their European Transformers line up. There were two assortments. The first one (number 9109) featured coneheads Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge. There was a second assortment later on (number 9126) that only featured Starscream. No other jets were officially released by MB in Europe (there was an unofficial MB Thundercracker release inside Starscream packaging). I already had MB Thrust in my collection, but recently I was able to add the remaining two coneheads, Dirge and Ramjet, to my collection and in what shape they are!

MB Transformers Jets - asst. 9109

“MB Ramjet”

First off here’s a photo of the MB Ramjet that I scored. The toy itself is in great shape with unapplied stickers and comes complete with all paperwork; red decoder strip, Milton Bradley 1985 pack-in catalog, MB’s quad lingual instruction booklet and an unused Ramjet sticker sheet. The box is so shiny and bright that it almost hurts! Check it out:

“MB Dirge”

Thankfully, Dirge is no exception. Although the sticker sheet is missing and the stickers have been applied, the toy is in fantastic condition!! Again, the box is in such great condition I just couldn’t believe the state it was in for something that is 26 years old and so rare.

Together with Thrust I now have the 9109 assortment complete, which was a real kick as I am drawing ever closer to completing my MB collection!!!! Here’s a photo of the complete assortment.

Stay tuned for more stuff, because I had so much luck in the past 2 weeks scoring cool stuff. More Transformers and Dutch G.I. Joe’s coming up soon!!

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2 Responses to “MB Transformers Jets”

  1. Arkvander says:

    How do you keep getting all this cherry stuff? They look like they’ve never been touched, very nice! How many more until your collection is complete?

    • 20th Century Toy Collector says:

      Thx dude! A lot of searching on the interwebs, but also a lot luck is involved. Currently just missing 11 items (of 53) and have a lead on 2 of those, so really 9 missing if all goes to plan. Though it’s going to become real tough from here on in, because some of those remaining 9 are the hardest to find I think….

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