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M to the B

Wow, collection wise it has been another very interesting past few days. Just last week I managed to add a whopping total of 5 MB Transformers to my collection thanks to a Belgian collector, which brings my collection to nearly 75% complete! I now have all the Constructicons complete and all the Insecticons complete. Also, I scored a very nice MB Shockwave. I will be writing dedicated articles for these MBs in the near future. For now, please enjoy these two snapshots of Shockwave and the Insecticons, that I made recently.

I also updated my MB collection page to reflect these new additions. You can check out my complete MB collection right here.

“MB article series”

Thanks a lot to all of those who responded to the second installment of my article series on MB Transformers. Seems there is genuine interest in the history of the European Transformers releases and that’s just great!!

As I alluded to in my last post, the interval between the various installments is going to increase way beyond my original intentions. This is mainly due to the immense amount of my spare time that putting together these articles requires. I’ve ultimately made my decision to do this right instead of fast. I hate to give another estimate, but the third installment should be published within the next two weeks. It’s going to contain a lot of interesting information about the introduction of the Transformers line in Europe by MB and a lot of background information that should give you a nice frame of reference; pan-European satellite television in the guise of Sky Channel, its children’s show Fun Factory that introduced Transformers to millions of European kids in 1985, Jetfire as leader of the Autobots, red foot Optimus Prime, red Tracks, European Transformers commercials and more!! Never a dull moment with MB Transformers! :-)


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  1. Arkvander says:

    Wow, those new pieces are pristine! Nice score!

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