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G.I. Joe – Silver Mirage Motorcycle

The Silver Mirage Motorcycle was part of the first series of G.I. Joe toys that were released in Europe in 1987. In the USA it was released in 1985 as part of the fourth series and was based on the first series RAM (Rapid Fire Motorcycle), which never saw a release in Europe.

The motorcycle design is based on a Honda CB450T Hawk and features a sidespan, a silver finish and room for a total of 3 action figures! It’s definitely one of the coolest toys from the first series of Joe toys that were available in Europe.

I recently added a very nice Silver Mirage Motorcycle to my collection. It comes in Belgian packaging, with French and Dutch on the box and two sets of instructions, both in French and Dutch. The parts are all unassembled and still attached to their trees and there’s an unused sticker sheet included. This specific release was available in Dutch exclusive packaging as well and I’m still looking out for that one, because I prefer the Dutch releases, but until then, this will certainly do!


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