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Milton Bradley G1 Megatron

It’s quite a joyous occasion for me whenever I manage to add another Milton Bradley G1 Transformer to my collection. Recently I tracked down a shiny, minty Milton Bradley Megatron from a French vintage toy store. The box is in very good shape with just minor scuff marks and a slightly scratched window. The toy itself though, shines as if it were new. The styro insert is in extremely good condition and the unapplied stickers and MB catalog are still sealed in a plastic bag!

MB branded Transformers were the first official Transformers to appear on store shelves for most of mainland Europe and as such are very rare and highly desired by collectors. It wasn’t until somewhere around 1986 that Transformers were released in Europe under the Hasbro brand.

Of all the vintage toys I collect, the European G1 Milton Bradley Transformers are my absolute favourite! They remind me most of my childhood. I remember the exact spot where they used to be displayed in my local Intertoys store in the 1980s. It was like a shrine that I visited on a near daily basis. So yes, I’m fairly hardcore when it comes to trying to complete my MB collection. And what’s a G1 MB collection without a Megatron, ruthless leader of the Decepticons? Nothing! That’s what! :-)

I’m currently adding the last touches to a more in-depth article about the MB Megatron and the toy in general, which should be up here shortly with way more photographs. For now, I’m off to do my dance of joy! Mwoohahahahahaaaaa… “Excellent!”

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  1. Matt says:

    Amazing piece!

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