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Spotlight Update

Hi! Just a quick update today. As I promised in my previous post I’ve updated my Collection Spotlight widget. That’s the widget that you see at the top right of every page on my blog. It shows a random item from my collection every time you load a page. Previously, if you clicked on the photo thumbnail you would be taken to a larger version of the photo. That was kinda boring. From now on you will be taken to the corresponding database entry from my toy collection.

Toys, toys, toys!!!

You still get to see a larger version of the photo, but you will also see additional information about the item which is very interesting if you’re as obsessive and anal about this type of stuff as I am. ;-) There are currently 65 items in the database, which is just part of my collection. I will continue to add new items as I go along and when I do they will automatically qualify to appear as a random item in the Spotlight widget. The items will be added in no particular order.

As soon as my database is fully populated I will create a page that will allow you direct access to all items. And below I’ve also included a couple of direct links to some of the items. Enjoy!

Bravestarr - Handlebar (1987)

Bravestarr - Handlebar (1987)

Dia Attacker (1984)

Diaclone - Dia Attacker (1984)

Transformers - Red Alert (1986)

Transformers - Red Alert (1986)

Batman Animated Series - Batmobile (1992)

Batman Animated Series - Batmobile (1992)

Wheeled Warriors - K.O. Kruiser (1985)

Wheeled Warriors - K.O. Kruiser (1985)

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4 Responses to “Spotlight Update”

  1. Simon says:

    Taking a look at your Red Alert collection file, I noticed you didn’t mention its availability in Italy through GiG. Maybe is it because the package was slightly different from the standard one available in the other countries (Italian name and all the rest)? I’m talking about the Habro Transformers package, of course, not the Diaclone Trasformer.

    • Rebecka says:

      Hola Tanya, encontre9 tu blog, y me he qeadudo encantada con tan bellos trabajos, esta cubierta este1 preciosa, felicitaciones, desde ahora te sigo para seguira preciando tus bellos trabajos.un besoCelia

  2. 20th Century Toy Collector says:

    Hi Simon, yes you’re right! The specific Red Alert pictured in the collection file which is linked in this post is one of the European, non-Italian version, i.e. the quad-lingual version that was primarily available in France, Germany, Benelux, Spain and Switzerland (i.e. the “Milton Bradley countries”)

    I will generally attempt to list the countries where the actual packaging variation was available. For comparison, I also happen to have a Canadian Red Alert in my collection. It’s file can be found here: http://20thcenturytoycollector.com/item.php?id=20TC300501180237055

    Of course, I will not be always 100% correct, so feel free to suggest additions/changes :-)

  3. Simon says:

    Cool, thank you for the explanation. Italian packages were indeed unique for our market. Do you have some in your collection, btw? I’m not aware of how popular they are as collector’s items outside Italy.

    p.s: I’m taking pics of my entire MOTU collection in these days, I’m posting them very soon ;-))

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