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MB Transformers series – Part 3

You might have noticed there was a lack of updates in the past two weeks. That’s because I’ve been slaving away over the third installment of my series of articles on MB Transformers. And finally it’s done! This third installment is the biggest one yet and is more than double the size of the previous installment on pre-Transformers in Europe.

Just yesterday I remembered something funny. I’ve been walking around with the idea of publishing my research on the MB Transformers line for quite some time now. Originally I envisaged putting all the info down in one article. LOL… silly me. That would’ve been one big ass article that would’ve bored everyone shitless reading it, if it hadn’t made me go insane writing it and trying to give it some meaningful structure. In hindsight, breaking everything up into chapters was the best decision I could’ve made.

I’m not going to give an estimate for the next installment, because I’m going to take a nice, long break from this project between now and then so that I can dedicate my time to some other stuff. Rest assured that I will finish this 10-part series. It’s just that it alleviates some of the pressure for me if I don’t commit myself to a self imposed deadline and makes the process of writing a lot more fun. Again, thanks to everyone who has responded to the series so far. It’s the icing on the cake, that makes writing these articles an exercise that is gratifying beyond words for me.

Writing this third part was a lot geeky fun again. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time scanning MB Transformers catalogs, cleaning them up in Photoshop, compositing them into something new, trying to make sense of my research notes, writing stuff, rearranging stuff, throwing it away and starting again. I’ve spent hours and hours sifting through newspaper archives, asked myself the question why on earth I was spending so much of my time on this, pretended to look very serious while I was scratching my chin while looking up in the air and ultimately came up with the following epistle. Click here and enjoy!!!

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