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More Dutch G.I. Joe vehicles and sets

As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts I try to collect the first Dutch G.I. Joe releases that were available in the Netherlands from 1987. My primary goal is to collect all the toys and action figures that were available as part of the first wave of G.I. Joes’s in the Netherlands. Last week I managed to score a shitload of boxed vehicles and sets which has brought me to the comfortable position of owning nearly all of the boxed items from the first wave.


So what did I get? Well, Snow Cat, an A.W.E. Striker, a S.H.A.R.C., a Night Attack 4WD Stinger, a Cobra Flight Pod and F.A.N.G, an Ammo Dump Unit, a Rifle Range Unit, a Devilfish and a Polar Battle Bear (Skimobile). The seller also included a shitload of loose action figures with accessories as a bonus. Needless to say I walked away very satisfied!


Now, if only I could find some MOSC (mint-on-sealed-card) Dutch G.I. Joe action figures! The boxed items were a pain to find, but finding MOSC Dutch G.I. Joe items is even more impossible it seems. For now, please enjoy these few snapshots I made of my latest G.I. Joe haul!


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Transformers Soundwave (MB)

Soundwave is one of the most recognizable and most popular characters from the G1 (Generation 1) Transformers line. Looking like a portable cassette player in his alternate mode, Soundwave had the cool bonus of cassette robots that could fit inside his chest and was released together with the Buzzsaw cassette. Several other memorable cassette characters were released seperately like Laserbeak, Ravage, Rumble and Frenzy.


Soundwave featured heavily in the Sunbow cartoon and had a really cool voice that sounded very robotic (voiced by Frank Welker, who also did Megatron, processed by a vocoder). Come to think of it, most of the voice processing in the original G1 cartoon sounds very cool.

img_5938 img_5909

I have one Soundwave in my collection, which comes in MB (Milton Bradley) packaging. Both Soundwave and Buzzsaw are in pretty good clean condition, with stickers unapplied. Accessories, booklet and unused stickersheet are still inside a sealed baggy. I’m only missing a paper insert that goes on top of the styro, but I’m sure I’ll pick that up somewhere some time in the future. Check out these photographs I made of Soundwave from my personal collection.

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Transformers Kickback (MB)

The Insecticons are one of my favourite original Transformers subgroups from the G1 (Generation 1) series. I loved all the episodes from the Sunbow cartoon where the Insecticons took center stage. Just dig those cool voice processing effects!


I was thrilled to recently be able to add the first Insecticon to my ever growing MB (Milton Bradley) collection of Transformers! Here are some snapshots of Kickback in his box. Kickback is still sealed on his card and the accessories and instructions are also still sealed inside the plastic baggy. I took some photographs of Kickback which you can check below. Enjoy!

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