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G.I. Joe Dutch promotional flyer 1987

G.I. Joe burst onto the European toy scene in 1987. The first series of toys that were released on this side of the Atlantic were mostly lifted from the 4th or 5th U.S. series of G.I. Joe toys. Hasbro released the first two series in the Netherlands in all-Dutch packaging. The promotional material was all Dutch too. Below is a scan that I made of the very first promotional flyer of G.I. Joe toys that were released in the Netherlands in 1987. The scans are relatively large so please have patience while downloading them!

1987 NL GI Joe

1987 NL Cobra

This flyer was included with most of the boxed G.I. Joe toys and was also included in an edition of the weekly Dutch Donald Duck magazine in 1987, which is how I remember seeing it for the first time. This same flyer was probably also translated into all the other European languages in countries where Hasbro were pimping their G.I. Joe stuff. I have an identical, all-French flyer inside a French Snow Cat box. My goal is to obtain each and every item from this flyer boxed and/or carded. I’m already quite a long way towards collecting all of the boxed items, but so far I have none of the carded action figures. MOSC (mint-on-sealed-card) Dutch G.I. Joe action figures are so hard to find it’s unreal. If you have any for sale, please contact me!!

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